What Sandi Says

Blog 6


Having had many a conversation pertaining to how to motivate myself to overcome Anorexia when she shouts really rather loudly in my ears, I finally took the advice of the experienced and made this list.
It was recommended to me to make a list of things that could be possible only when recovery had been reached. Once life had cut ties with Anorexia.

I sought out help so that I could recover for a life worth living.

Some of the reasons I want to recover are:

So my life isn’t ruled by restrictions and calculations.
So my life isn’t only being half lived.
So I don’t have major distress over food or exercise.
So my life is more flexible and I’m able to do more things.
So that I can be happy.
To feel pretty.
So that I can get rid of the Anorexia demon.
So that I can have a baby. Or two.
So that I can walk my dog and give them both the mother they want.
To be the best girlfriend I can be.
So that I can exercise productively.
So I can gain back a life.
So I can sleep on a night without worrying about the next day or food or exercise.
So I can have a proper period.
So that I can maybe have some boobs.
So my bloods become better and healthier.
So that IBS is less of a hindrance.
So that I can be more healthy.
To be the best sister I can be.
So I can be happy.
To be the best daughter I can be.
So that I can bring up a child with no form of food issues in my life that could potentially spill into theirs.
So I could travel.
So that I can be happy
So I could be more spontaneous.
To let my scars heal.
So that I can be me.
So that I can be warmer.
To be more of a genuine inspiration for others.
So that I can eat more and exercise less.
To be a better friend.
So that numbers become less important, almost redundant and not ruin my life.
So I can be more carefree.
So that I can be stronger.
So I can overcome the most difficult and challenging part of my life.
So, I cannot be afraid
So that I can be happy.

As you can see, this list is extensive and not entirely personal. If there’s anyone reading this, who needs a reason, pick one, or two, or twelve and work towards them. We all deserve recovery and we all deserve to get better and away from any mental illness that disconnects us from living.