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For Starters


Eating disorders have the highest mortality rates among psychiatric disorders.
Anorexia Nervosa has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder in adolescence.
Of those surviving, 50% recover, whereas 30% improve and 20% remain chronically ill.

Anorexia can affect anyone, any age, any height, any gender or any weight.
A sufferers BMI does not need to be severely low for them to be experiencing anorexia – something I’ve only learned In my recovery.
Whilst a patient in recovery can be eating, gaining weight and even have a completely average or above BMI, it doesn’t mean they’re healthy. The mind takes a while to catch up. And boy, do I know it.

For me, I’m at my worst point now. I’ve began to restore weight, I’m closing in on not being underweight and my mind is at a constant war.

But. Anorexia is not a good thing. We should be taught moderation, not restriction. Taught that everyone is beautiful, no matter the size or shape.
Society does make it harder to get out of Anorexia as were pushed an image of skinny models. Or curvy models. Never just simply ‘normal’ models; it leaves those at risk vulnerable.

Anorexia is a deceptive, cunning and viscous illness. It’s strips sufferers of our lives, time, friends and family.
It makes us believe that no one needs us or wants us and that our only true ally is Anorexia.

The Eating Disorder Charity Beat is asking the question ‘Why Wait?’ during eating disorder awareness week 2018.
And I couldn’t agree more. See it as a rhetorical question. Why would you wait to gain back a life?

If I’d never had anorexia I could’ve been great, successful and a completely different person. I can’t live on hindsight though.
My ‘professional trade’ is Patisserie. Food is my passion, my eyes light up when I talk about it and my mouth never shuts up about it. It’s essentially my life and love. It’s a part of my life and a love that was ruined and massively hindered by anorexia. Patisserie requires dedication, and whilst I was off jogging in the toilets and restricting my intake, patisserie wasn’t ever able to fully be part of my life.
If I hadn’t have waited, it could be entirely different.
If you’re reading this and you too are a sufferer or know someone who is suffering and aren’t getting help, then why wait? Get help.
We could have the next Prime Minister on our hands or global superstar. We might even just have a really, really top Mam.
The possibilities are endless.
But with Anorexia they aren’t.
They really aren’t.
Don’t be fooled in thinking life can be lived with anorexia or it can be maintained, it can’t. I’ve done it. I’ve been there. I’ve wasted my time and effort.
Don’t be the same

Why wait??